I ‘woke up’ when I was 34 after a big break up and life shake up. I knew I participated in my relationships demise, but I had absolutely NO idea what my contribution was. Rather than play the blame game, I went to therapy where I practiced and read from The Four Agreements, was introduced to meditation (though it wasn’t until years later that I started a regular practice) and started my spiritual journey. Here, I chronicle my discovery of god, the chakras, spirit guides and MORE in the hopes of sharing all of the cool things I’m learning. I’d love to support and inspire others to embrace their lives fully, live peacefully and raise our global consciousness. I’m on the path to enlightenment – come with me!

In my professional life, I am a cook, author, and urban farmer. I currently live in Seattle. I am all for LIVING GREEN! I am also a speaker, teacher, TV show host and a handful of other ‘jobs’ that revolve around food, farms and the environment. Check out my other site at http://www.amy-pennington.com


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