Vibration of Neutrality

We’ve all worked with detachment, but what happens when you really hone in on what you’re attached to in the every day bits and pieces of life? Silence, that’s what.

Broderie pour un boudoir, Blanche Ory-Robin: Musee D’Orsay

A feeling of temporary paralysis has taken over. I’m committed to speaking from a place of truth, but first I have to find it. In the interim, I am silent. I pause between thoughts. I restrain my jaw muscles from opening and emanating sound.

Here is an example of how this works. Two of my most beloved friends are packing up a truck and driving to Palm Springs today from Seattle. This morning I realized I did not send them my well wishes. I did not say “Safe Journey!” I did not instruct them to drive slow, don’t rush, enjoy the scenery as I normally would have. It’s a lovely thought, no? To show your friends you care?

Before I sent a text to them this morning, I took pause. WHY am I sending the text? Because I love them. WHY is it important for them to they know I love them? Because they are dear friends and I want them to love me back.

BOOM. If I’m sending the text as motivation to reciprocate love, I’m manifesting from a place of need/lack. The opposite side of need/lack is abundance. The world IS LOVE. It’s accessible to all of us every day. There is no separation between our earth and heaven – we are all one and have access to the universal life flow. We just keep ourselves small. I used to think it was to learn lessons and now I don’t know why.

Regardless, I sat in meditation trying to find a place of neutrality. A certain calm came over me. The muscles in my chest relaxed. I thought – they know I love them, I don’t need to confirm this. And I felt neutral. It is from THIS place that I may text and say Safe Journey.

But, suddenly, in my vibrational neutrality, I found I didn’t need to make the effort at all. They know. I know. All is love.



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