The Importance of Positivity

As we have discussed, and as I have learned and continue learning, our thoughts, feelings and emotions powerfully create our reality. This is why we do manifestation work. This is why writing intentions moves mountains and boulders.

And if you’re following along, you know that I don’t always have the ability to be light-hearted and tender-souled. Some days are harder then others to see the rainbow, particularly when it seems like we’re in the middle of a storm.


I have heard about the “dark days” we are now in due to election results and I disagree. We are not in dark days. Your words are powerful. Don’t fall victim to the powerful influence of media and friends. Now, more then EVER, you need to decide how you view life. Is your glass half full? Fill it up. And here’s why.

If our thoughts, feelings and emotions create our reality, what sort of reality are you creating with your anger and fear? Think about it. It’s perfectly understandable to feel shock, despair and worry, but don’t hover there too long, friends. Where you sit emotionally in your thoughts is what you are manifesting.

RIGHT NOW, you are manifesting a future of fear if you are IN fear. That’s how it works. YES, you can manifest a new job, a new lover, a more positive outlook – we’ve learned this. Calling in positive things is a wonderful practice. But you can also manifest negativity, so be mindful of your thoughts today as we move forward toward a wobbly presidential future.

Today and all days, I encourage you to do some work. Task yourself with finding positivity and joy amidst your worry. You don’t have to push it aside, but you can embody love at the same time. Try some daily work to remind yourself that you are love(d).

Try to have compassion for the other half of the country who likely felt just as whiplashed in our last two elections. They certainly did NOT want a black man! And now you see the manifestation of fear. Fear manifests fear, so don’t trade fear for fear today. Do not fret.

Manifest your positive future and put your HEART into it. Instead of an intention card about money (“My creative pursuits bring me financial abundance”) start creating for the world:

“The country is full of loving people who are rebounding in love and know love will prevail.”   “I am a warrior for love.” “I intend, every day, to breath in love and breath out love to every person I meet – all of my brothers and sisters.” “I greet each day with love in my heart and faith that God is our unfailing provider.”

Whatever it takes! Get your mind there. Keep up your vibrations. Channel Martin Luther King and Ghandi and Jesus – they didn’t always have it easy, either. Love always prevails. Always. You know the quote well “Darkness can not drive out darkness, only light can do that,” MLK reminded us.

I love you. I am sending you love.Keep your chins up and your hearts open.







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