When Life Feels Too Much – SEEK

Yesterday, I had a friend say it was a pretty shit year so far as all sorts of things have gone awry. She wasn’t wrong. A dear friend with children at home is waiting for a life-saving liver match. My brother in law is struggling to find balance with his recent epilepsy diagnosis. My best friend is stuck in conflict with her teenage daughter, who up until this point was an angel. My best friend’s father just passed suddenly. My niece is having issues with her esophagus. (Sick kids are really heartwrencher’s, I have found.)
Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 11.00.26 AM
But the moment she said it, I quickly counteracted and thought “I’m having a pretty great year!” In fact, my new husband and I are co-creating this beautiful life together where the ‘normally’ stressful, long and expensive process of marrying a foreigner has been easy and without challenge. We are feeling blessed.
Today, I came across this quote that I love so much. It’s something I remind myself of EVERY day. I read this and think…..THIS IS ME.
“It takes a spiritual seeker to realize that whatever is happening now can be a platform for a miracle”
I’ve been struggling with the level of attention and care I “should be” giving everyone vs what I want to be sharing with everyone. At times I’ve felt frustrated, tired, irritated. I have thought – this is not my problem to fix.
The beautiful thing, however, is it IS mine. Whatever is happening now is a platform for a miracle, so why delay. It’s an excellent reminder that nothing is happening TO us. Suddenly, all of these grievances are gifts and I give thanks.
So if you…
Smack into a wall? You need this.
Are fed up of your kids? You need this.
Can’t seem to get on top of bills? You need this.
And with that, for all of my other spirit seeking sister and brothers, let’s keep exploring together! Holler in the comments if you’re up for a regular Meditation date in Seattle – it’s time to amp up the vibrations.

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