Amp Up Your Manifestations

In my Manifestation Workshops, I offer some extra homework at the end to help support and increase your awareness around manifestation and the process of actively and intentionally calling into your life certain experiences.

IMG_7389.JPGOne of them is to “Go to the Workshop” – a concept my friend Katie introduced me to last year. To hit your workshop, she shared, you simply answer the following 3 questions……

  1. I want __________
  2. I want this because ___________
  3. I deserve this because _________

Last year, I did this as a bit of an experiment. At the time, I wasn’t feeling particularly called to any one manifestation to focus on, so I sort of made up my desire on a whim early in the year. I think it was in April 2015. I’m paraphrasing (because currently, I don’t have access to my original journal entry)……

I want – to spend time on the beach every year, surrounded by blue water I can swim in.

I want this because – I love being in the water – it calms me and feeds my soul and feels wonderful. I am happy when I’m swimming or floating in the sea.

I deserve this because – I work hard and have dedicated myself to focusing on work when I have it and play time when the time allows. I deserve to enrich my soul and life so that I may lead a joyful existence.

I hope it will not surprise you to hear that I DID spend a bunch of time on beaches and in water last year. NONE of those trips was planned at the time of my “Workshop” journal. I was in NY in June and spent time at my sisters pool, In July (when home in Seattle) I swam and tubed often in Lake Washington with friends, I spent August in Croatia where we went to the sea for at least 6 hours EVERY DAY, I went to Mexico in October because my brother in law offered me a week in his timeshare and I hopped down to Florida in the first week of December and jumped in the Atlantic Ocean for a fast, bracing dip.

And I’ll tell you what……even though I know they will and expect these things to happen, I’m always amazed when I reflect.

What are you working on manifesting in your life just now? Try using this short exercise to amp up the vision. Put your positive energy behind it. Know you are deserving. Ask from a place of joy and visualize yourself getting and LIVING the thing that you’re asking for, with happiness. Have fun!



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