Mini Miracles – Creating Magic Every Day

You guys I have really been on a soul bender as of late. I’m learning a TON about myself (like I still have some healing to do) and digging deep as I plow through information to help me on the path towards enlightenment.


As part of my manifestation/intention practice, I recently added a thought “I see miracles every day.” I like the idea of being on the look out for magic around every corner, and I love the notion that we create miracles daily. This practice was meant to both bring me joy and raise my vibration.

In pursuing new avenues for raising my vibration, not for the first time I came across A Course in Miracles aka The Course. For anyone who hasn’t heard of this book, it is essentially a year-long daily practice to assist in “removing the blocks to the awareness of love’s presence, which is your natural inheritance.” So it’s all about living love.

The book opens with a full list of Miracles and there is a passage discerning the contrast between a miracle and a revelation and I thought it was SO interesting. It reads …..

“Miracles come from the below or subconscious level. Revelations come from the above or superconscious level. The conscious level is in between and reacts to either sub or super conscious impulses in varying ratios. Consciousness is the level which engages in the world and is capable of responding to both………. Revelation induces complete but temporary suspension of doubt and fear……Revelation unites Souls directly with God. Miracles unite minds directly with each other. Neither emanates from consciousness, but both are experienced there. The deeper levels of the subconscious always contain the impulse to miracles, but man is free to fill its more superficial levels, which are closer to consciousness, with impulses of this world and to identify himself with them. This results in denying himself access to the miracle level underneath.”

I read that passage yesterday and loved the clear definition of them both. Miracles, in this way, are meant to be shared as a way we can all relate to one another. With that, this morning I experienced a little miracle and I wanted to share in the hopes of opening you up to your own little daily miracles. What will you find if you start looking?!?!?!

Dec 10th, MIRACLE

Last night I set a dream intention to uncover blocks to my ego and I while I did have some dreams, none seemed to answer the question I posed to my guides before bed. I decided to write down the dreams anyway, thinking perhaps logging them would be of some help in the future. I wrote:

“I dreamt about organizing my salad recipes on blank pages. I had a few 8.5 x 11-inch blank pages. Felt satisfied and confident.”

Immediately after writing that (as in, about 5 seconds later) my boyfriend walked into the room and handed me a gorgeous, new Moleskine notebook (size 8.5 x 11 inches!) and said “Here is some nice new paper for your salad book.”

You guys…..DO YOU BELIEVE THAT???????????

Amazing. Miracle. Love.

Please share your story in the comments!




2 thoughts on “Mini Miracles – Creating Magic Every Day

  1. Love this story! I’ve also realized when I’ve started to notice synchronicity as magic, and not a coincidence, it became a perpetual motion of magic and miracles that I pretty much see everyday!


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