Do You Have Enough Money, Love, Time? Yes, You Do!

Several years ago I attended a ‘farm school’ out in Rice, Wa. Every day at breakfast, we would have a roundtable discussion centered around one word – “sustainability”, “work”, etc. It was always interesting to hear what the words meant or brought up for different people. On our last day, the word was “enough” and when we went around the table, man did people open up! It was amazing. We had just spent a week on this farm saving every scrap of food (for eating, compost or feeding the animals) and every drop of water (for drinking, watering nut trees or cleaning the floors) and we were all feeling like spoiled, materialistic city folks that never had to think about where our food or water came from.
Water view
This week, a friend shared a passage in a book we’re both reading, The Council of Light. It spoke directly to this desire for MORE and lulled our souls into appreciating the now. We don’t NEED to insulate our lives and plan for 20 years ahead – these things are all a choice. I hope this inspires you to breathe a bit deeper, relax and know that you have enough of all you need in this very moment of time. Always.
“You have enough energy for this moment. You have enough time for this moment. You have enough finances for this moment. You have enough for each moment of now.
Fear, anxiety and the sense of scarcity happen when you think about needing resources for every now that has ever been and will ever by and this creates a sense of scarcity and a sense of lack. the necessity of what you need is the attraction that draws to you that which you need. in each moment you are putting out a signal to call forth the meeting of that desire.”

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