The Creative Mind

Remember my amazing intention work that came true in a matter of hours? creative mindThis was one of the new manifestations I added to my stack of cards earlier this week. I was particularly fond of this one as I wrote it because I hadn’t thought much about manifesting anything linked to my creativity. Interestingly, (though not surprisingly) I’ve been exploring my creative side lately. I have a hankering for working with textiles just now. It all started when I went to go see my friend, the weaver, last year. I couldn’t stop thinking about doing some work with materials, even though I didn’t know what it meant, really. It was a gut desire, so I went with it. Since then, I’ve taken a sewing class, made a copious amount of pom pons & garland and I enlisted my nieces and nephews to help me make a quilt. baby quilt

So…..guess what showed up in my inbox last night?

“We are planning a new program series and thought of you!  Our theme for adult programs this year is Mind Matters, and during the summer (May-August) we will be focusing on the “creative mind.”    We are interested in providing people with an introduction to creative activities in art, music and dance, and  thought one of your programs with a creative/DIY angle could be a good fit.”

It’s a paid series of classes. You know……earning some financial abundance from my creative expression, like I said! AMAZING, right??? I’m not surprised, because it’s my expectation these things will continue happening in my life. My life is charmed, I know this.(And your life is charmed. And your neighbor’s life is charmed. And that person you hate? They’re life is charmed, too. We are all one.)

But it’s always, always amazes me. So cool. Namaste.


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