Proof That Intentions WORK – How to Manifest the Life You Desire

Yesterday, I had a hard time getting into meditation mode. My brain was busy and I kept having to push aside thoughts. After 10 minutes, I decided to move on to other growth-work and suddenly thought about my long-forgotten manifestations. I hadn’t written my intentions for 2015 still, nor had I read my old ones in quite some time.

cherry blossoms

So, I pulled out the pile of cards and easily sorted and edited some old ones. I pulled some out (mostly all the intentions around travel, as I’d like to spend less time out of Seattle this year) and wrote new ones quickly and with ease. It didn’t take big thinking and I love what I came up with. Some of my faves ::

– professional partnerships that are inspiring, interesting & pay top dollar find me
– my work is rewarding, fulfilling & exciting
– I have an abundance of prosperous work opportunities
– my creative expression brings me financial abundance
– I am a sought after writer with many job opportunities
– clients believe in my work and want me on their projects

I wrote this at about 9:30am, GMT.

By the end of the day, I had ::
– an offer from my favorite Seattle contemporary art gallery to teach a series of classes on fermentation or boozy drinks
– an offer from a small, independently-owned neighborhood grocery store in Seattle to teach a series of garden classes at the store
– an email from a friend connecting me to a potential Content Writing position
– a confirmation from a friend and colleague that she hired me to work on a project with her this year –  a monthly retainer starting on the 15th (so started it already, and I haven’t done a thing!)


Part of embracing the ability to manifest is recognizing these occurrences as something you have attracted to you. Many people would say it is coincidence, but I believe that I’m creating my own reality, as I believe you are creating your own reality.

What did you manifest for yourself this year?


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