Setting Dream Intentions

I had never heard the term “dream intention” until very recently. My friend Katie is going through a major spiritual re-birth and was sharing her daily practice with me. She told me about her pre-bedtime ritual of meditation + setting dream intentions + journaling. I was intrigued.

night skyI started journaling dream intentions recently and have had immediate results. I’ve been absolutely blown away that I’m receiving messages in my dreams. So much so, that I’ve shared the process with no fewer than a dozen people, inviting them to join me in this process. I heard back from a friend today, and she is on board and loving it, so I wanted to share here in the hopes that we all become gracious seekers and powerful manifestors!

Dream intentions are exactly what they sound like – an intention you make before slumber to bring something into your life, or clear out old energy. These nightly intentions are another way to endorse and support our manifestations.

I seldom remember my dreams, so I was slightly skeptical but committed to the process. Katie uses an open structure, inviting dreams in and asking to remember them with clarity and ease. She also invites a restful, replenishing sleep, which I really loved. She journals her dream intention nightly, and they read something like this:


I will have vivid dreams of great clarity. I will remember the dream with ease and understand it’s meaning. I will wake up refreshed and happy. I will be fearless in my dreams and I will stay curious.

In my research of dream intentions, I came across a “how to” of sorts that resonated with me. This process invites in a very specific, singular intention, which I love because (to me) that means I double my manifestation power. Using a manifestation from my stack of manifestation index cards, I focus on a sole purpose. After you state your intended desire, you ask of God/your spirit guides/the universe/the divine (anyone you pray to) to receive any BLOCKS to this intention. From there, you thank God/your spirit guides/the universe/the divine. I also add a note about remember my dreams with clarity and waking up refreshed. I don’t typically struggle in this area, but hey –  it can’t hurt! Might as well manifest my own personal utopia!!

My dream intentions go something like this:

I desire a consistent financial surplus. I call on my spirit guides to show me any unconscious blocks to this desire for consistent financial surplus. I begin, today, to easily recall my dreams. Thank you God, the universe and all of my spirit guides who support and guide me. I remember my dreams with ease and wake up refreshed.

After I journal my dream intention, I read it to myself. A good tool to add power to any manifestation is to put emotion behind it. Visualize yourself in life as if the desire is true. Feel it, smile, put love behind it – these positive emotions will help manifest the desire through the Law of Attraction. In essence, like attracts like. Positive feelings produce positive outcomes, and the more you can put behind it the more will be attracted to it.

I’ve been doing this for about a week now and received immediate answers on my first night. A limiting belief showed up and it was fascinating to wake up and realize  what I considered a casual thought is actually effecting my flow of money!

That night, I dreamt I was speaking to a friend about this person who has a successful financial planning business. The friend was telling me that successful money guy is going to be a rocket scientist soon. I said “That’s absurd, he can’t possibly be a financial guru full time AND a rocket scientist,” to which my friend responded “Well, he IS doing it, so…..” and I thought internally ‘Of course he’s doing it, because he was born into money and money begets money so of COURSE he can do anything he wants.’

AND THERE IT IS. A limiting belief! In order to have money you must be born into money. People of privilege have a leg up and I’M NOT a person of privilege. 

In my waking hours, do I logically believe this? No. But this belief is in my core and my unconscious which tells me I live my life with this truth. MUST get rid of that one to continue on my successful financial journey, right??? This is energy I have to clear. More on how to do that soon, as I’m just learning.

Share you dream intentions in the comments or email me- I’d love to hear! Sweet dreams to you, friends.


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