Trouble Manifesting Your Intentions

From Co-Creating at it’s Best, by Esther Hicks – “The more specific you get in a thought, the more momentum you create. The more general the thought, the longer it takes (to manifest).”

This is a great tip for manifesting intentions, as the more attention you give something, the louder/bigger/stronger it becomes. We’ve all had a bug bite that itches, more so when we say “Man, that bug bite itches!”, less so when we ignore it. It works the same with the law of attraction. But sometimes, this positive thinking gets interrupted by a little voice in your head.

I am currently ruminating on my manifestation around financial security and abundance for 2015 (and beyond). While I had a good year in 2014, lately negative-speak has cropped up in my thinking. For instance, I’ll say to myself as a mantra “I am supported by the universe and have financial abundance,” and a little voice will respond, “But how are you going to afford a new apartment this year?’ Or a friend will ask me to lunch and my immediate response is panic, not joy. “I can’t afford to dine out just now.”

Because the response is reflexive, I know it is a belief I have adopted. I know that by saying that, I’m putting energy (thought) on the idea that I can’t afford lunch, which is simply not true. Words are powerful, very powerful, and statements we make become a reality, which in this case, is not my goal. These negative thoughts are new for me, so I’m struggling. Like, REALLY struggling.

OOFUnsure of how to get rid of them and move them out of my way so I can make room for TRUST and faith that all will be ok, today I’m trying a new tactic – I have called on my spirit guides and higher self to help.

This morning, I started a daily journal (thanks for the idea KatieO) and I wrote what I need and desire just now. Writing down this specific need works in several ways. It endorses the statement, and it works as a reminder, helping me to stay focused. I can (and will) go back to the thought several times today/this week and read from it.

This morning, I wrote:

I am asking my higher self and spirit guides for help to rid the doubt and negative beliefs I have built around money. Please help clear my path for a secure future where TRUST in the universe rules and supports me in the refreshed belief that I am secure.

Today, I will read my journal entry every hour, so that I can really start shifting my thinking. When I’ve successfully removed the resistance and negative voices in my head, I can get to work really manifesting my dreams. Wish me luck!



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