How to Set Intentions – A New Year Ritual

Deepak says intentions are “the starting point of every dream.” My friend Marcus introduced me to intentions in 2011. He learned about the process from a therapist and insisted I try it. I was having near constant financial stress – jobs would come and go and I was essentially living hand to mouth. It was pretty awful and I was very confused, as I have a skill level and drive that is commendable.

Marcus helped me to craft my intentions. Intentions are statements of fact – you must write out an intention as if the ‘thing’ is already happening. His rules are simple, and I’ll share them here with you.

Since 2011, ALL of the intentions I’ve written have come true, making me feel that I’m most certainly manifesting my own reality. My first intentions were written around an abundance of work and financial stability and also a secondary goal of finding love. I wrote them in October. In December, I fell in love with an old friend who I’m still with today – he’s the love of my life. By early the next year, my work was thriving and I’d never felt more stable. It was AMAZING.

Now, annually I edit and write my intentions for the upcoming year. I get quiet, meditate, light some sage and try and listen to my inner voice answer the question, “What do I want?” I put each individual thought or intention on it’s own index card, making them easy to read in the coming days and throughout the year.

Here are some rules for setting intentions:

– Be specific. Flowery language only confuses the manifestation. If you want to make space in your life for finding love, define it. “I have a loving relationship with a man that is my equal” versus “I deserve love that is powerful and great”. Powerful and great love can come in many shades – your niece hugging you is a powerful love!

– Write only ONE intention per index card.

– Be careful what you wish for!! Intentions are very specific. If you say “I travel all over for business and pleasure,” it’s quite possible your work will suddenly start sending you on weekly trips to Sacramento, when what you really wanted was to book a few international trips a year.

Know and BELIEVE that everything will work out as it should and the universe is minding the details. As my friend Jimmy always used to say, God is our unfailing provider.



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