Examples of Intentions

I’ll file this one under #baringmysoul, as I thought it would be best to show you some of my 2014 intentions. I’m particularly fond of the one on travel because 1) Ken surprised me by showing up in Palm Springs this year 2) I made a last-minute trip to Hawaii FROM Scotland this winter, which was lovely and sunny and warm and needed & 3) both Ken and I got upgraded to first class on our cross-Atlantic trips to NY for Christmas. Can you say international upgrade? Say wha….?!?!?

Also, many of you probably think my life is crazy and hectic and I never have time, but in 2013 I wrote that intention of having time in my day because I didn’t like being the “busy girl”, and guess what?? My days are astonishingly quiet and calm. It has been such a lovely transition, and another great example of how intentions WORK.

ps – this post was written from a moving train, so that pic quality isn’t awesome, but I think that supports my travel intention, so I’m going with it.

Happy intention writing to you!




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